Tuesday, 22 May 2007

First post - yay

Ok, this is the first post in my new blog. Basically I have started this to support the 'Graphic Novels in Libraries UK' e-mail discussion list.


I decided to start this list because I find the American GNLIB really, really useful. Only a lot of the discussion is not that relevant over here in the UK because the books they talk about might not ever be released over here. It is well worth joining though, just to see how American libraries promote graphic novels. Indeed, I started 'Free Comic Book Day', an anime club and a graphic novel reading group just because I got the ideas from that list.

So hopefully, the UK list will be just as useful especially now that manga and anime are now becoming more in vogue. So if you're interested and you're a library professional or just really into graphic novels in libraries then join me.


michael said...

I'd like to echo that "yay" sentiment. This should make it much easier for the rest of us to steal your ideas! ;)

Nick! said...

This is a great idea... I've signed up to your list and am going to attach this blog to my bloglines.

I wasn't sure about something you said, though, about books on the US list not being available in the UK. A good comic shop SHOULD be able to get anything that's published in the US over here, although availability may take a while. Many comic shops won't bother stocking books that they can't be sure will sell, but most will order stuff in, and the distribution routes on most items (except those limited by license *rare* or by local legislation, such as explicit erotica).

Angela said...

I was talking about the availability to libraries in the UK. It's not like we can all just nip to our local comic shop to buy books, even though I'd love too.