Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Not sure what I started...

Well, nearly 2 months in, 150 posts and 39 members later, it seems the list has taken on a life of its own. If it carries on growing at this rate I'm sure world domination will be quite do-able soon.

Just thought I'd share what I've been reading recently:
Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan

So far, I have only read the first 2 volumes but they are really quite a lot of fun. The premise is that you have a group of teenagers who don't particularly like each other but have to get together now and again because their parents are friends. At one of these get-to-gethers the teenagers find out that their parents are a group of supervillains called 'The Pride', so they decide to runaway together. They discover, by accident, that they all have some kind of superability. Only problem is, their parents are not happy about a group of superpowered teenagers running around who know their secret, even if they are their own kids.

These books are great for teenagers and above as they really speak like you'd think they would. The storylines aren't that predictable, and the quotes they use will force even the most media savy young person to google them. The artwork is very pretty and its nice to have a manga size book (even though its not manga) that will attract the teenage market.

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