Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Stunning artwork

The first thing that strikes the reader, after the overlong introductions, is the stunning artwork. It is just so detailed and intricate. It is not what a reader, used to American comic art style, expects. The people are real, there are no unrealistic portrayals.

The stories are basically old school westerns, well written, and very obviously heavily researched. ‘Indian Summer’ follows an outcast family during an Indian attack. The portrayal of women in this one was up and down. Sometimes the naked women were very tastefully portrayed, whereas other times it did feel a bit too voyeuristic. The reader sees a level of detail that you would not expect, and it does not really need to be there.

The 2nd story, ’Paper Man’, was a lot better. Looking at themes of colonialism and how Indians are just as intelligent as the white man. I really engaged with this story, and thought it had a good ending. There were no naked women in this one, but honestly, it was the journey that made the story riveting.

This is definitely an adult graphic novel because of the subject matter, and the illustrations. It includes rape, incest and extreme violence.  Those who are interested in the graphic novel as art will like this book, even with its faults.

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