Saturday, 17 September 2011

Very pretty

This is very pretty, the artwork is beautiful. The story is old fashioned, and is a fairy tale of sorts. It follows a dragon and its impact on peoples’ lives about him.  There are 3 sisters living in the affected village, all of them conform to some kind of female stereotype. The main sister is intelligent and wants to be a healer. Another is obsessed by the dream of her true love coming from across the sea. The world the author makes does seem expansive, and I expect there will be many more stories based there. This would, perhaps, give ‘The Last Dragon’ more narrative strength.

There are pages when only the art tells the story, and those really work.  When I first started reading it I thought it was going to be more like ‘Stardust’ by Neil Gaiman, from the style of the text and layout, and that is a compliment.

To be honest, the story doesn’t matter that much with a book of this type. People will read it and look at it just for the artwork. There’s quite a lot of deaths involved, so its probably suitable at ages 10 plus. Adults and teenagers will be interested because of the use of the art.

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