Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A geek's story

A quirky graphic novel, which follows the life of Simon, an illustration student. He also happens to be a complete geek and has friends to match. Life does not go as he expects, and he ends up getting a job as an exhibit in an alien zoo.  

Tune:Vanishing Point is the first volume in a series. It does not really live up to it’s blurb because this book is more about Simons student life and his family, only briefly touching on the alien zoo. I suspect that the 2nd volume will be more interesting because that looks like it will follow his life as an exhibit.
The characters in the book are likeable, maybe it is because I’m somewhat of a geek that I appreciate where they are coming from. The romance is rather sweet. The art work is similar to a manga style but not enough to alienate those who prefer more traditional graphic novels.

This will probably be appreciated by young adults, there is some swearing and sexual references, so not for children. An decent enough read that makes me want to find out what happens in Volume 2. (If only to find out why the series is called ‘Tune’)

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