Monday, 28 May 2012

Dragon Age: the comic

This is one for the gamers out there, a sequel of sorts to the ‘Dragon age’ games. Set in a world of magic and dragons ‘Dragon age: The Silent Grove’ could also appeal to fantasy readers. It follows King Alistair as he looks for his answers about what happened to his father. If you are familiar with the games, then you will enjoy seeing more of characters that you have had many conversations with in the games. If not, then you get to know people quickly, but it does assume some knowledge of the universe. This is not surprising seen as it is written by the person responsible for the storylines of the games. The story follows fantasy conventions and there aren't ay real surprises. Warning, this does end on a cliff hanger and is not a self contained work.

The artwork is beautiful, and it really works. It’s pretty to look at and makes pages without dialogue really work. A decent read.

Not one for children though, but when you think about it ‘Dragon age’ tend to have an 18 certificate. So you need to treat this graphic novel the same way. It will get gamers reading while they are waiting for the next game in the series.

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