Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hulk Smash, or not

I'm not the greatest Hulk fan in the world. I find the lack of brains irritating in the character, Dr. Banner always worked better for me. So I was intrigued to read how it all started in Marvel Masterworks: The Incrediable Hulk Volume 1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

It's interesting how often the ground rules for the Hulk change in this:
  1. He's grey, is intelligent and only happens at night
  2. Banner choses to change into the hulk via a ray gun - oh, and now the Hulk is green
  3. Hulk becomes a mindless tool of the side-kick
  4. Back to raygun and intelligent Hulk

I actually really enjoyed these stories as the Hulk's humour is quite sarcastic. Some of the other characters do seem quite cardboard, and you can definately tell by the language that its a product of the 1960s (Daddy-O is used a lot).

The artwork may not make it the most accessable for modern comic fans (one of my graphic novel reading group members refused to look at it), but the stories are interesting enough to merit a read. There is more to the Hulk, than 'Hulk Smash' of the cartoons. I enjoyed this more than the Wildcats book.

Age wise - there's nothing offensive in here, so suitable for all.

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