Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wildcats: World's End

Well, this lunchtimes reading was:

Wildcats: World's End by Christos Gage, Neil Googe and Pete Woods

To be honest, I've not read that much Wildcats, so didn't know the characters that well. It didn't matter, as whatever you needed to know was explained. It's set after 'The Number of the Beast' where a world is destroyed by evil supervillians. The good guys lost!

The post apocolyptic way of surviving as good guys who lost is quite intriguing. They try to save everyone they can, or decide that maybe superheroing isn't for them. On the strength of this graphic novel I might read more Wildcats, as the storyline is gripping.

Its definately for older teens as there are quite a few sexual references in it, one character is definately obsessed.

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